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              All day supports for you

              We are well aware of the importance of service and technical support for you. Choose our products, is to choose the trust of us. In addition to let you experience high technology through our product, we also hope that through the service and technical support, our clients can feel the what is the Tricolor Technology Co.,LTD pursuit of.

              Since be founded in 2011, Tricolor is not only the manufacturer who provides the high quality video control products, but also provide reliable information, technology support and services to our customers. Help customers do their want to do and make a win-win business are our finial goals.

              Whether you are in any place around the whole world, as long as you buy our products, no matter online, email or telephone communication, once you contact us, an industry’s top technical team will bring you a full range of technical services.

              In order to meet the localization needs, we will train authorized dealers and system integrator by providing professional and technical training services, to pass effective information.


              The industry’s Best certified technical services and training

              We know what your payment means to you and your company, which is why we are committed to providing you with a strong service guarantee system.

              7X24 hours

              All-weather service telephone service

              Response to protection

              0.5 hours after-sales service to provide a service solution for 3 hours.

              Lifetime service

              Whether you are under the warranty or not, as long as you use our products, we will ensure its stable operation.


              Ten years industry experience to form a best technical expert service team


              We know you have special needs, so our service is also targeted for your customization.


              Multi-level technical experts training courses to meet the needs of different customer needs.


              8.For partners or customers,we prepare brochures to facilitate the use of reading the text file.


              For Important Clients

              Need?Professional?Technical?Support[CLICK HERE]

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