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              With the rapid development of the national economy, many industries demand for weather forecast, disaster prevention and mitigation is increasing day by day. The meteorological department is responsible for advancing public weather services, providing weather forecasting, making and issuing air quality reports and forest fire risk forecasting. It is necessary to timely provide meteorological disaster prevention measures to provide decision-making basis for government departments to deal with meteorological disasters effectively. To ensure that the normal working life order of all sectors.

              Application requirements

              In order to improve the efficiency of the meteorological work conference between the business units in the meteorological department and enhance the ability of coordinating in the office, a Bureau of Meteorology plans to upgrade the original video wall display system comprehensively, to achieve the interaction among the video conference, consultation center, and other business units, to construct an intelligent weather monitoring platform.

              Project solutions

              The project is based on Tricolor’s product Poseidon cloud distributed system design, which uses distributed architecture as a guide, high-speed Ethernet as a bridge, high-performance image coding and decoding technology as the basis, advanced image processing technology as means. The system access capability is no longer limited by its location and numbers of signal sources, but providing a variety of signal transmission mode, can be video conferencing terminal signal. This system can control and manage business center computer signal, silhouette command center signal, extended backup signal unified management, centralized control, To achieve a multi-purpose, multi-type signal for flexible display control. System components include: input node, output node, synchronization processor, the central management server.

              Project solution characteristics

              • HD Image Display

                Synchronous processing equipment integrated the newest large screen synchronous display patents of Tricolor. With the pure hardware modular design, our devices are able to provide a 7 * 24 hours operation and highly fluency image display. Fundamentally?solving the problems of image mismatch and slow operation.

              • Multi user privilege management

                The system has a wealth of user rights management functions to meet the leadership and the needs of the post staff business operations. The user accesses and operates the corresponding source list and the large screen display area according to the usage rights. Multiple operators can control the system at different locations at the same time, greatly improving the ease of operation control.

              • System scale is flexible

                The signal source through the input node for network coding access system, the number of nodes is not restricted, the encoded signal transmission mode is more flexible, with the video management server can be important business signal real-time storage and playback

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