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              Titans™HD Hybrid Matrix Switcher
              Titans™HD Hybrid Matrix Switcher is flexible, stable integrated signal switching device
              Modular Design, support DVI/VGA/HDMI/CVBS/YPbPr/HDBaseT/Fiber multiple signal format,maximum support 128 inputs *144 outputs
              provide one stop solution for multiple formats of video signal distribution processing in various industries.


              Millisecond seamless switching experience

              Data transfer chip technology,dynamically set point to point dedicated data channel for each signal
              Each signal has its own dedicated channel for transmission, which can reach nanosecond switching interval and no blank field interval。

              Character Overlay

              Supports superimposed character labeling on the input signal. The user can customize the font, color, size, position, transparency and other information of the superimposed characters. The superimposed problem can be overlaid on the top of the screen.
              It is convenient for the user to grasp the signal source and understand the relevant Remarks.

              Custom output resolution

              Each output channel is supported to independently set a different output resolution. Through the image processing technology inside the hybrid matrix, each connected display device can display /wp-content/themes/assan/product/Titans_en at the optimal resolution, which avoids compatibility problems and ensures output.

              Prodcut Features

              • Modular plug-in design
              • Variety Input & Output option
              • Board Hot Swap
              • Redundant Power Supply
              • EDID Edit
              • Pre-set Management

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              Upload Time

              • 2017-05-18

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