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              Talos™ mutil-Window screen Splitter
              TalosTM multi-window screen splitter is a splicing processor Specially designed by Tricolor Technology special for LED splicing,
              screen segmentation and special effects switching.Can achieve up to 28 screens HD split display, also supports LCD
              splicing wall, LED large splicing screen display.For the scene of the stage, exhibition and other application
              scenarios require gorgeous video display effects, it can provide a variety of special effects switching methods such as
              rotation and gradation.This product supports 4K resolution output, and can realize high resolution
              multi-channel real-time image segmentation display with 4K TV and 4K display.


              Product Feature

              • Pure hardware modular design
                The large-capacity high-speed FPGA array and CrossPoint digital multi-bus data routing exchange processing mechanism,fundamentally guarantee
                full real-time processing and data consistency for all input signal sources. The image has no delay, no discretization, no frame loss, realizing the perfect presentation.
              • Multi-screen split function
                The input and output uses modular card design, up to 28 channels of video signal input or 8-channel video signal output,
                support 4, 9, 16, 28 screen split, up to 28 video signals simultaneously displayed on a single screen, at the same time meet the demands of displaying video signal up to 8 screens to enhance the display effect.
              • Input and output interfaces
                It supports a variety of input sources, including SDI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc, compatible with common resolutions.
                Output signal can be DVI-I, HDMI, single output channel supports a resolution up to 1920 × 1200, supports HDMI 1.4 output ultra-HD resolution, the single output channel supports a highest resolution up to 3840 × 2400.
              • Special transition effects
                In addition to seamless transition, the window switch also supports fade, rotation transitions effects;
                scene cut transitions support breathing effect. The special transition effects increase smoothness of switching the system.
              • OSD
                Users can overlay any text message at the top of the screen to facilitate user understands the basic information about sources. Text styles can be freely defined.
              • Pre-set access function
                Window layouts can be stored internally in the device as the preset, and can be Retrieved through device management software, center control. The switching process is convenient and fast.
              • Redundant power supply design
                Optional redundant power supply device version can be chosen, it can further improve the overall stability of the device.

              System Topology Structure

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