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              SmartKake V2 creative Processor
              SmartKake V2 is a creative multi-screen processor for digital signage applications launched by Tricolor Technology.
              One 4K Ultra HD input signal can be displayed on four flexible layout display devices
              Multiple SmartKakes can cascade to meet larger display needs


              4K Ultra HD

              Supporting 4K ultra HD signal acquisition, providing HDMI input interface type. Ultra HD image processing technology delivers unparalleled clarity display effect and unprecedented visual experience.

              Flexible Layout

              Breaking the traditional MxN matrix video wall layout, each display can be arbitrarily located on the wall, meanwhile supporting a free 360° independent rotation display for each output image.
              The display wall supports the combination of horizontal and vertical screens, bringing more creativity to the large screen display.

              Device Cascading

              Multiple SmartKakes can be daisy-chained to form a cascaded system.The cascaded system can support more than four display devices video wall, guarantee the entire system output synchronization.
              At the same time, each Smartkake in the system can collect signal separately to realize real-time display of /wp-content/themes/assan/product/SmartKake_en with larger resolution.

              Product Features

              • Output Rotation
              • EDID Editing
              • Bezel Compensation
              • Layout Management

              Product Documents Download

              Upload time

              • 2017-05-24

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