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              Cronos™ Multi-Function Integrated Signal Processing Platform
              Hardware based architecture,guarantee the stability of equipment.
              Modular design support single equipment input and output up to 320*320, Ip Stream and 4K signals Input and output
              CronosTM compatible the function of Audio/Video hybrid matrix and KVM matrix, visualization operator management.


              Millisecond Seamless Switching

              Massive data transfer chip technology, each signal dynamic setting point to point dedicate data channel,each signal exclusive channel transmit, nanosecond switch interval with no black burst.

              KVM Operating Position Management

              Compatible audio / video signal transmit and integrate control signal processing, matrix KMV function realize operating position intelligent management.

              Analog audio

              Support all the video input channel synchronize analog audio capture, include separating analog audio and embedded digital audio, audio signal and video signal synchronous switch, AV integrated linkage management

              Input Signal Network Preview

              Support preview all the input signal image through software, operators can preview signal resources in advance before display on videowall, prevent error content misoperation, enhance usage efficiency.

              4K singal Input/Output

              Support high resolution 4K signal acquisition, provide customer a better viewing experience.

              IP Streaming Codec

              Digital IP Streaming signal processing, simultaneous support IP signal decoding acquisition and encoding output.
              Signal can infinite extension and share through network , achieving signal interconnection, simplified administrator’s operation.

              Input and Output Card mixed insertion

              Support input and output card mixed insertion, chassis card slot unlimited support both input and outpout card,
              enhance the utilization of chassis slot, comes with highly flexbility and convenience.

              Product Feature

              • Signal Source Character Overlay
              • Output Resolution Customized
              • Input Signal Image Cropping
              • Operator Signal Push and Collaboration
              • More than 1000 Groups Image Preset
              • Mouse CrossScreen Seamless Switching
              • Integrate Central Control System
              • Twisted-Pair and Fiber Optical long distance tansmit

              Topological Graph

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