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              Kloud™Network Distributed Node
              Professional high-definition network codec products with high performance image
              processing technology, low bandwidth and low latency High definition and stability, which can be
              widely used in military defence, airport traffic control, broadcasting, finance
              energy consgtruction and education industries


              Full HD Codec

              Kloud Series is a codec product independently developed by Tricolor Technology based on its powerful image processing technology. It supports [email protected] full HD codec and bring users a high definition visual experience.

              Multiple signal types access

              Kloud network input node provides users a variety of signal access formats, which can convert variety of traditional video signals inclduing DVI/HDMI/VGA/YPbPr/SDI/CVBS into network signals。

              Low bandwidth , low latency

              H.264 encoding method, combined with its own efficient interpolation algorithm, video can achieve the best compression ratio;
              While ensuring image quality, the network delay is controllerd within 60ms and the bandwidth is around 4M, thus ensuring network transmission capacity and storage performance

              Network based KVM

              Use one set of mouse and keyboard control multiple computers to cope with the use of different network isolation, saving desktop space. Multiple user can simultaneously access and manage computers in the systems to achieve coodinated operation scheduling.

              Web Configuration Management

              Support web configuration management, provide users with simple and fast operation mode, which can realize network information, resolution, frame rate, code rate, OSD information and other configurations

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              • 2016-11-27

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