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              FiO™ KVM multi-screen controller
              FiO multi-screen KVM controller creatively combines the functions of KVM and picture splitter, making it suitable for a single user
              to simultaneously control multiple computers.
              Not only a set of keyboards, mice, and monitors can be used to
              control 4 computers, but also 4 screens can be displayed simultaneously on one display, and the screen can be arranged at will.
              Support 5 units for cascading, touch screen operation, and control multiple computers with one finger.


              A set of peripherals, four computers

              Through a set of mouse, keyboard and display control 4 computers, simple and convenient; sharing headphones, a microphone, U disk, cameras, printers, scanners and other peripherals rich, cost savings.

              Support up to 5 cascades

              Up to 5 units can be cascaded, and up to 20 computers can be controlled simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse to meet the needs of users for more computer control.

              Support four-screen segmentation

              Can simultaneously display four remote PC’s screen on a single display, user-friendly four overall computer monitor;
              Can adjust the size and position of any four pictures, support picture-in-picture display.
              the flexibility to switch a single screen, full screen and a four-screen display, single-picture full-screen display can facilitate control of specific remote computer.

              Built-in speaker, audio and video synchronization

              Two built-in speakers for easy playing sound, and two standard 3.5mm headphone jacks and microphone jacks for external speakers and microphones
              FiO-4Hsupports audio transmission over HDMI cables and independent audio cables with an audio delay of less than 170ms to ensure audio synchronization

              Low-latency high-security

              Video, mouse, keyboard and other signals are transmitted through audio and video cables, not based on IP, no codec,
              only the keyboard, mouse and display can be loaded on the receiving end, the video and control signals are ultra-low latency. Non-inductive transmission
              FiO’audio, video and control signals are transmitted directly through audio, video and USB cables to ensure data transmission security.

              More functions

              • Performance support
                Support HDMI and DVI input and output,
                resolution up to 1920*[email protected] and backward compatible
              • Touch display
                Support touch screen operation to operate
                control the screen more directly and intuitively
              • Personalized Applications
                Easy to configure display options,
                cropped /wp-content/themes/assan/product/FiO_en, scene saves, etc. with control software
              • Remote control
                Control the remote computer with the mouse and keyboard of the notebook
                through the simulation software HOOK

              System Topology Structure

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