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              VGA-DVI-B is a signal converter developed by Tricolor Technology co.,LTD, which can convert VGA signals in RGBHV (red, green and blue) format into high-resolution and high refresh rate DVI signals, and can be displayed locally The signal. VGA-DVI with industrial-grade control chip, full-surface placement technology and advanced switching power supply to ensure that the product can be in a variety of complex environments, high-quality, trouble-free operation, which is a good choice for VGA signal converted to DVI signal.


              Product Features

              Technical parameters

              Input Connector? VGA×1
              Input Signal Format? RGBHV Format VGA Signal?
              Output Connector DVI-D×1,VGA×1(Loop Connector )
              Output Signal Format DVI-D Signal?
              Resolution? Maximum up to 1920×[email protected] ?and Backward compatible
              Power 5VDC
              Size 195mm x 124mm x 47.4mm
              Temperature? Operation Temperature :0℃~40℃;Storage Temperature :-10℃~60℃
              Environment Requirement? No solvent and corrosive gas, no dust, no strong magnetic field interference,5VDC
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