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              Athena™ Ⅱ Athena Ⅱ Digital video integrated platform
              In terms of security and surveillance industry specially develop professional multiple-service security
              integration platform,integrate security monitoring system application, provide thorough system solution scheme
              in order to improve the image display efficient.


              Brand new application model

              The whole platform integrate video decoding, matrix switching and video processing function, simplfy system structure, reduce construction cost.

              • Video Decoding

                Single device support 256/1080P, 512/720P, 1152/D1 signal decoding at the same time.

              • Matrix Switching

                Multiple equipmennt mode、variety optional chassis sacle.

              • Video Processing

                Adopt RRTA technology, multiple video wall unified control.

              Excellent display control

              Signals access management、on screen display, signal resource can open windows on video wall at any size and location, which can also achieve cross-screen, roaming, overlay and PIP display function.

              Multi signals hybrid access

              Support multi-signals hybrid access,including SD,HD,Analog,Digital,Compress,Uncompress various video hybrid display, support all types signal resources.

              • DISPLAY PORT
              • YPBPR
              • CVBS
              • IP
              • HDMI
              • DVI
              • VGA
              • SDI

              Flexible brand Compatibility

              The platform adopts RTSP front end access,GB/T-28181 security and monitroing industry standard, access management original DVR, NVR, DVS, IP-SAN system, analog CVBS camera system, HD digital SDI camera system, IP camera system.

              Ultrahigh GIS Push

              Geographic Information System(GIS)、Global Positioning System(GPS)、Supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) professional application ultrahigh resolution dynamic image signal real-time display on the video wall, support multiple ultrahigh resolution image simultaneous display and windows overlay

              Recording Function

              Platform integrate recording function, audio and video integrated synchronous recording, achieve low stream, economical recording, playback and recording management function.

              Intelligent alarm linkage

              Support multiple alarm source access, including motion detection, video shading, video loss multiple alarm option receiving the alarm information from alarm source.Alarm information will be distribute to corresponding system and equipment according to alarm disposal strategy.

              Efficient data storage

              Support multiple NVR expand, single equipment support 100 high definition camara forward, 60 high definition storage capacity.
              Support multiple RAID digital security mechanism, support disk hot standby, stablize the system.

              Visualization terminal control

              CrossMedia Visualization application support IPAD control signal resources, finger drag signal resources from source list to screen area in order to open window.

              Multi-user privilege management

              Support multi-user simultaneous login, 1 super administrator can assign different permissions to other users, guarantee safety management. Multi-user can switch and invoke creen image under their own permission.
              Multiple operator can control the system at different location, improve the convenience of operation control.

              Comprehensive Qualification Certification

              3C、CB、CE、FCC、ROHS multiple business qualification certifications;

              Topological Graph

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