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              Apollo Pro™ Video Wall Processor
              Based on PCI-E architecture multi-function video wall controller, pure hardware-based FPGA architecture, stable and efficient.
              ApolloPro video wall processor support customized input and output card mixed insertion, preview, monitor,
              multi screen groups control, multi-user hierarchical management, scrolling caption function.
              Brand new technology OSD mouse direct control mode, equipment management is much more convenient.


              Input and output card mixed insertion

              Users can optional configure mixed insertion function, support input, output card insert miexed, interface board no longer limited to fixed position,improve the flexibility of system design and operation upgrade.Some chassis configure the input card as dual card architecture, master card docking multiple sub card, each sub card contains multiple interfaces,any two interfaces can constitude as one card,flexible combination, fast radiate, simple maintenance, effectively reduce equipment failure rate.

              Video wall screen synchronization technology

              Support output frame synchronization, guarantee all the output /wp-content/themes/assan/product/ApolloPro_en perfectly synchronize, support LCD, LED, DLP multiple types of display unit image synchronization,eliminate the “jelly effect” caused by output asychronism.

              RealControl™ Function

              Integrate RealControl™ PC control module,screen administrator direct control multiple servers, achieving screen control and signal source control integrated operation,
              organic combination of structure management and content management, control multiple operating system.

              Embedded high definition scrolling caption

              High definition dynamic scrolling caption function, users can custom the content, direction, speed and style of scrolling caption, release sloganeer and message. Scrolling caption is the hardware function, no need additional software.

              analog/embed audio linkage switch

              Support various types analog or embed audio input, support audio linkage management, linkage output one or multiple audio according to application requirements, convenient users synchronize real-time perception of audio information.

              OSD mouse control function, no client-side required

              RealControl control mode, support large screen indicate administrator’s operation icon, direct managing the window and operating preset trasfer,
              simplify the operation of administrator.

              Multiple Video Wall Control

              Support more than 4 groups video wall management and different resolution screens layout, customize special resolution output.

              Full 60 frames process, image smooth and fluency.

              High definition Input/Output signal support full 60 frames smooth processing with no frame loss, which can achieve a perfect fluency,multiple adjacant signal resources simultaneous display with 100% synchronous.

              Pre-set arranged function

              Equipment support more than 128 groups pre-set arranged preserve, support real-time switching through software or control control. Multiple pre-set can random sequence adjustment compose pre-set group,covenient media management.

              Fluency preview

              Real-time fluency signal preview function, pre-view image can achieve high definition signal 30 frame per second, entire screen echo can achieve 60 frames pre second, smooth image management experience.

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              • 2016-04-19

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